Installation Instructions for the Dream Software

Linux Installation (apt based distros)

Install build tools

apt-get install g++ cvs autoconf unzip make automake1.8 libtool sysutils

Install libraries available in repositories

apt-get install libasound-dev hamlib-dev fftw-dev libqwt-dev

qwt will bring in libqt3-mt-dev.

Get the dream sources

This assumes you have write access to /usr/src.

To get the stable version:

cd /usr/src cvs -d login cvs -z3 -d co drm

To get the unstable version (no guarantees this will work for you):
cd /Developer/dream cvs login cvs -z3 co -P -r unstable drm

Install DRM specific AAC libraries

Use the versions in CVS. The following scripts build only the static libraries since we need DRM specific builds and we don't want to interfere with any other versions of libfaad2 or libfaac you might have on your box.
  • FAAD2

    This is needed for all builds.

    cd /usr/src cvs login cvs -z3 co -P faad2 cd faad2 . bootstrap ./configure --disable-shared --without-xmms --without-bmp --with-drm\ --without-mpeg4ip --prefix=/usr make cp include/faad.h include/neaacdec.h /usr/src/drm/libs cp libfaad/.libs/libfaad.a /usr/src/drm/libs
  • FAAC
  • Get this if you want to transmit.

    cd /usr/src cvs login cvs -z3 co -P faac cd faac . bootstrap ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-pic --disable-shared --without-mp4v2 --enable-drm make cp include/faaccfg.h include/faac.h /usr/src/drm/libs cp libfaac/.libs/libfaac.a /usr/src/drm/libs

Optional Libraries

  • FhG IIS Journaline Decoder:
  • Get the sources.

    cd /usr/src wget unzip cd WinFhGJourLib/journaline_20040318 make

    Create the library

    ar r libfhgjournaline.a NML.o Splitter.o crc_8_16.o\ dabdgdec_impl.o log.o newsobject.o newssvcdec_impl.o ranlib libfhgjournaline.a

    Copy to the dream directory

    cp dabdatagroupdecoder.h newssvcdec.h NML.h /usr/src/drm/libs mv libfhgjournaline.a /usr/src/drm/libs

  • libpcap lets dream read MDI and RSCI files saved in pcap format, for example from tcpdump or wireshark.

    apt-get install libpcap-dev

  • libsndfile lets dream read and write many different audio file formats.

    apt-get install libsndfile-dev

Building Dream

This should now be just:

cd /usr/src/drm . bootstrap ./configure make make install

includes input from Andreas Weller, DF1PAW.

Last modified: 15 Jul 2008